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Open Behavioral Genetics racist pseudo-journal publisher of John Fuerst
Open Behavioral Genetics is a pseudo-journal like how creationists publish their own pseudo-science because proper science journals/formal peer-review will not publish them.

Open Behavioural Genetics referees:
Open Behavioral Genetics Reviewer count needed for publication = 3

Davide Piffer - Editor
Peter Frost
Chuck (John Fuerst)
Heitor B.F. Fernandes
GMeisenberg (Gerhard Meisenberg)
Kenya Kura (prof. Kenya Kura)
Meng Hu

To begin with this list is not appropriate, since most (or all) on it are not qualified in the subjects of submitted papers e.g. John Fuerst's paper on race is biology. How many on this list are biologists? Professor Kenya Kura for example is an economist. This is like asking an astronomer to referee/review a paper on mammal zoology!

Secondly, referees who take part in the peer-review process are also not meant to show bias, otherwise this would mean they are purposely reinforcing the conclusions of the paper - like how creationist pseudo-journals "review" their own papers submitted by creationists. The same thing is going on here - the referees/reviewers with Open Behavioural Genetics are all so called "hereditarians", "race-realists" (an oxymoron) or "racialists":

One problem with OP is that most (if not all) reviewers have an "hereditarian side". I would like to see reviewers hostile to the genetic theory. Otherwise, people may think OP looks like a Mankind Quarterly bis. I have nothing against MQ, if there is no conflict of interest or something of this sort, but it's clear most people won't see it like this. What's more, concerning Fuerst, Dalliard or myself, it's worse, see we co-blog on Human Varieties, and either one of us reviewing the other... that looks weird.

Note this is a statement from Meng Hu, who was a former referee but left as he realized the problem with bias.

Another thing-Open Behavioural Genetics does not even pass the formal peer-review process. The idea of "fast open access" peer-review is a complete sham. It means anyone (even a 10 year old) can join a forum, post a comment (as little as one word) and then claim this is counted as peer-review.

The only person who published a formal review for Fuerst's paper was Kevin B. MacDonald, a retired psychologist (not a biologist). Furthermore, Mr. MacDonald holds extremely biased political views on race, he's white nationalist, anti-Semite with far-right affiliations:

When MacDonald won his award from The Occidental Quarterly, the ceremony was attended by David Duke; Don Black, the founder of white supremacist site Stormfront; Jamie Kelso, a senior moderator at Stormfront; and the head of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard, Kevin Alfred Strom. In 2005, Kelso told The Occidental Report that he was meeting up with MacDonald to conduct business.

In January 2010, MacDonald began acting as director of the newly founded political party American Third Position, which declares America a white Christian nation and advocates for limiting "non-white" immigration into the United States

Fuerst is also a white nationalist, and their views on race have nothing whatsoever to do with science but their political agendas.

Fuerst used to run the racist and far-right blog Occidentalist, which had links to the neo-nazi and also advertised that website.

In one of those posts, Fuerst is also linking and approving of "rightstuff. biz" a Neo-Nazi site.
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Write this kind of thing on your blog instead.

Moving thread to the trash + banning the author.
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Due to heavy slandering, I publicize the information about this user.

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Presumably the same person who wrote the slander at since they quoted a fairly unknown forum post.
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More from the same person, this time via email to me personally.

Via Tomb Raider <>

You're a charlatan: a mere university undergraduate who poses on the internet as a scientist/polymath. People I've shown your website to are all laughing at you. Your name is now blacklisted all over the web. Your crackpot "journals" aren't properly peer-reviewed and are basically equivalent to pseudo-scientific creationist/biblical fundamentalist journals.

The funniest thing about you is you claim to support freedom of speech, but ban anyone on your forum with an opposing view. You also claim to support the freedom of posting libel, but then doxxed after accusing of "slander". Lol. You're a total clown.

Thanks for the comedy.